What is Responsible Psychology?

AIRP was born of several realizations…

That we are first humans serving humans & with that comes great responsibility.

That the study of the human mind & behavior is a deep & wide field, full of theories, practices & learnings that no one person could ever hope to know fully in their lifetime, let alone from going to graduate school for a few years.

That how clinicians are trained & what they are trained in depends deeply on the times & places of their training. And that regulations for continuing education also vary depending on where they live & what their licensure level demands.

That navigating the plethora of mental health resources available today as a guest of those services is often a confusing, stressful, overwhelming task that may or may not yield desired results.

That how the mental health system currently works in our country is shrouded in layer upon layer of bureaucracy & mystery and we want to be the ones to change that.

That customer service & innovation in how clinicians deliver services are largely lacking & need to be enhanced & modernized.

That what is missing in all this is an organization committed to the responsible practice of psychology. This means evidence-based & best practices. This means equal-access to information & expectations. This means keeping everyone, ourselves included, in check. This means accepting all persons & providing responsibly to all persons from an inclusive & affirming position.

But AIRP cannot just be the ideas of a few. It needs to be the ideas of many. Of all those in our community, regardless of role – clinician, guest, student, professor, etc.
Responsibility is not a fixed, rigid set of rules.
Responsibility is a fluid, dynamic mindset that evolves as we evolve.

Responsibility is not a goal to be checked off & never revisited.
Responsibility is an endless journey to be embarked on regularly.

Responsibility is not a burden.
Responsibility is a benefit.

Responsibility is not secrecy.
Responsibility is transparency.

Responsibility is not a monarchy.
Responsibility is a democracy.

Responsibility is not yours or mine.
Responsibility is shared.

Responsibility starts with Inclusivity.
And so we invite you to share, what does Responsible Psychology mean to you?